Blue Obsidian - Crystal Card Meaning

Blue Obsidian - Crystal Card Meaning

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Keywords: Expansive, Divination, Astral Travel

Chakra: Throat

Planet: Saturn

Zodiac: Aquarius


Cool to the core, Blue Obsidian is created from a natural volcanic glass that has the ability to expand one’s natural talents. Astral travel and envisioning dreams are protected and safe when you are using this crystal. A powerful divination stone, Blue Obsidian enhances psychic abilities and uncovers natural talents for the unknown. It clears away mental clutter and makes way for clear channeling of intuitive messages, allowing you to focus on one message at a time. A natural healer, Blue Obsidian promotes circulation for your body and opens the aura to receive.


Blue Obsidian - Crystal Card Meaning Cheat Sheet

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