Charoite Crystal Grid Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide

Charoite - Crystal Card Meaning

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Crystal Grid Reference Guide

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Keywords: Bonding, Acceptance, Service

Chakra: Third Eye

Planet: Chiron

Zodiac: Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius


There are presents in the present. Charoite shows you the gifts of living in the moment, enhancing gratitude and appreciation for the day-to-day. This is true acceptance, letting go of expectations for what your life should be and embracing what is right now. By just being, Charoite brings deep healing to your physical and emotional selves, down to your very cells, by reconfiguring your old programming into a new way of processing your daily life. After all, it is about perspective! Charoite helps you face your fears, see reality over projections, and live your truth.


Charoite - Crystal Card Meaning Cheat Sheet

Charoite Crystal Grid Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide
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