Pink Fluorite Crystal Grid Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide

Pink Fluorite - Crystal Card Meaning

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Crystal Grid Reference Guide

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Keywords: Guidance, Ease, Comfort

Chakra: Heart

Planet: Mercury

Zodiac: Pisces


Pink Fluorite mends pieces of the soul, reintegrating its fragments to make you whole again. Sometimes we get lost along our journeys, and Pink Fluorite can assist us in coming back home to our true selves. Staying present inside your body, acknowledging and accepting each moment as it is, and detaching yourself from outcomes are helpful practices amplified by using Pink Fluorite. This stone helps ease despair, giving you a surge of comfort and confidence that you have what it takes to make it through life’s challenges.


Pink Fluorite - Crystal Card Meaning Cheat Sheet

Pink Fluorite Crystal Grid Card Cheat Sheet Reference Guide
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