Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn

Today’s full moon eclipse in Capricorn invites us to be a little easier on ourselves. This is a south node eclipse, meaning we’re focusing on what we need to let go of rather than what we need to move towards. Sitting conjunct Pluto and Saturn, which represent transformation and boundaries, respectfully, this full moon asks us to commit to lasting change. It provides us with the spiritual support we need to eliminate what doesn’t serve us - for good. Don’t be afraid of letting go. It’s just part of the process, helping you grow stronger and wiser.


Your productivity is not your worth. You are so much more than your profession, than your creative output, than the recognition you receive for your accomplishments. This eclipse falls in your tenth house of public roles and career, inviting you to reimagine your values in this area of life. What beliefs might you have about work that are limiting you - either personally or professionally? Remember that only you can determine the true value of your work. Seek to earn your own approval, rather than the recognition of others. 

Release: The need to impress 


It can be hard to let old dreams die, but there’s nothing more exhausting than striving towards something that’s no longer in alignment. This eclipse lands in your ninth house of travel, philosophy, and dreams for the future, inviting you to release a core belief or goal that might not be as meaningful to you anymore. The discomfort of not knowing what to do or where to go next is far better, long-term, than continuing to push for something that just doesn’t feed your soul. Trust that you will discover the path that’s right for you eventually. Any missteps are just adventures along the way.

Release: Obsessing over the futur


Any astrological transit in Capricorn invites you to do a lot of inner work. It’s the sign that rules your eighth house of death, mental anguish, and transformation, so an eclipse in this part of your chart is a powerful invitation to release the beliefs and patterns of behavior that make you suffer. What do you tell yourself that makes you feel small rather than powerful? What might you be keeping in your life that drains, rather than replenishes, your energy? Remember, your wellness is always a priority. Take care of yourself. You deserve it.

Release: Negative self-talk


The only part of a relationship you can control is you, so consider the energy you bring to them. The eclipse falls into your seventh house of romantic and business partnerships, and invites you to get really clear on what you can do to make these run a little more smoothly. Are there parts of yourself that you don’t recognize, that you instead project onto others? What work might you be able to do on your own that you expect others to do for you? Taking good care of your own needs is the most important thing you can do to manifest the connections you most deeply yearn for.

Release: Projection


Having hustle is one of your greatest strengths, but it’s never more important tha your wellness. This eclipse falls in your sixth house of work and health, and invites you to look at how the two are interrelated in your life. Any unhealthy habits relating to work will show you their worst effects this season, so make an extra effort to get rid of them. Are you sacrificing one in service of the other? It’s always possible to find a way to balance work and play, Leo, it’s just a question of priorities. So take a look at yours, and be kind to yourself in the process.

Release: Work/life imbalance


You have so much pent-up creative energy trying to find a way to express itself. So let it out! This eclipse lands in your fifth house of pleasure, sex, and creativity. With a transit like this, set aside extra time in your schedule for play. This is one of the most fertile parts of the astrological chart. Know that allowing yourself to indulge in the sweetest things in life isn’t just fun - it’s integral to your growth and healing. Channeling the energy of this eclipse will connect you to your most powerful magic. Make friends with your inner witch!

Release: Inhibitions


Nothing grows on shaky foundations. The eclipse lands at the very base of your chart, in your fourth house of home and family. This is the place from which absolutely everything originates - from your work to your relationships to your healing. Spend some time tending to your home, whether that’s beautifying your space with flowers, clearing its energy with crystals, or working on restoring a family relationship that’s on the rocks. What you invest in this area of your life comes back to you hundredfold. Know that your effort is worth it.

Release: Energetic clutter


It’s easy to get lost in the details of the day-to-day, but the eclipse in your third house of routine wants you to take a moment to ground yourself and remember what’s really important. At the end of the day, how you spend your time reflects what you value. Not everyone has the privilege to spend time only on what’s most important to them, of course, but to the extent that you’re able, use the energy of this eclipse to clear away commitments that don’t serve your highest good. Being busy just for the sake of being busy isn’t worth it. Save your sacred energy by clearing away the clutter.

Release: Overcommitment 


You are valuable. Your work is valuable. Always remember your worth, and make sure those around you know to respect it. This eclipse lands in your second house of finances, inner resources, and self-worth. With a transit like this, it’s really important for you to clear out any beliefs or habits that deplete your resources. Are you charging enough for your services? Are you spending on anything you don’t need, or don’t use? Your resources are precious, and you deserve to have the freedom to use them to support you in anything you dream of doing. 

Release: Low self-worth


You have been growing so much for the past year, and that’s something to be proud of. This eclipse lands in your first house of self, and invites you to release old versions of your personality, old values, or old ways of expressing yourself that aren’t in alignment anymore. It can be scary to let go of what’s familiar, but know that you’re moving towards something better. You’re moving towards a way of being more in alignment with who you really are. Step into yourself. We’re all waiting to see you shine. 

Release: Keeping yourself small


You’ve been doing so much work on yourself over the past year, and the results are slowly but surely healing your spirit. This eclipse falls in your twelfth house of the subconscious and karmic patterns. The type of release it offers you is internal - this transit frees you from the constraints of old stories you’ve told yourself. It liberates you from the struggles of your own lack of belief in your own worthiness. In doing so, it also gifts you with the space to reinvent your deepest, most powerful beliefs. Have faith in yourself and have faith in your process.

Release: Beliefs that no longer serve you


Recognize which relationships are worth continuing to nourish and which are ready to be released. The eclipse lands in your eleventh house of community, luck, and dreams for the future. A transit like this wants you to let go of those who don’t uplift you. Good friendship supports you, good friendship believes in you, good friendship restores more than it depletes. Are there enough people like this in your circles? Are there people who take more of your energy than you’re able to share? Quality over quantity, Pisces, is important to remember this season.

Release: Draining relationships



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