Full Moon in Aquarius

After the ups and downs of eclipse season, the full moon in Aquarius is a clear-headed and clarifying blessing. Sitting in a sextile to Jupiter and opposed to Venus, this full moon wants to help us feel connected to others, no matter what. Aquarius is community-oriented and future-driven, so remember that you are not alone in pursuing whatever goals you set for yourself, whether at the beginning of the year or at the beginning of the month. Reach out to people that help you feel seen, loved, and supported. We are always stronger together!  Aries You’ve been pushing yourself far...

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Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn

Today’s full moon eclipse in Capricorn invites us to be a little easier on ourselves. This is a south node eclipse, meaning we’re focusing on what we need to let go of rather than what we need to move towards. Sitting conjunct Pluto and Saturn, which represent transformation and boundaries, respectfully, this full moon asks us to commit to lasting change. It provides us with the spiritual support we need to eliminate what doesn’t serve us - for good. Don’t be afraid of letting go. It’s just part of the process, helping you grow stronger and wiser.
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Full Moon in Scorpio

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    Today’s full moon in Scorpio, the deepest of the water signs, is likely to have you all up in your feels. This astrological transit connects you both to your greatest hopes and greatest fears - in relationships, it can have you feeling either deeply, madly in love or insanely jealous. But the moon is making aspects to other planets that can help inspire action. This full moon sits in a trine to Mars and the North Node, and in sextile to Pluto and Saturn, which encourages you to channel your feelings into steps towards your goals. Get clear...

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