Ace of Cups - Tarot Card Meaning

Upright: Creativity, Emotional Expression, Free Flow

Reversed: Release, Emotional Exhaustion, Repression


Upright Meaning

Spread the love! You are being offered a taste of refreshing opportunities, full of emotional expression and fulfillment. The water in the Ace of Cups is allowing you to flow with love and creativity in your relationship with yourself and others. Free flowing, you allow yourself to pour your feelings in a way that is cleansing and nourishing for your soul. A desire for compassion and connection is inspiring you to lend a helping hand to those in need. By sharing your gifts with the world, you become much more open about who you are and the unique talents that you bring. Creative juices are ripe and glowing with new possibilities, the beginning of deep love, compassion, and happiness. Your energy is contagious! Don’t forget to pass the cup and share the good vibes. The more you give, the more you receive on multiple levels.

Reversed Meaning

Raw emotions are spilling out, and you are finding it difficult to control your emotions. Intense highs and lows are rocking you off your center, and you are doing your best to stay afloat! Emotions are leaking into every area of your life, flooding them with repressed feelings and unwanted experiences. The pressure is mounting, and you’re about to explode! Healing requires the dark, twisty feelings to bubble up to the surface in order for you to let them go. By facing your emotions and releasing them, you will be able to get through the barriers and create space for new possibilities. Holding onto the past is making you feel emotionally exhausted and is sucking up your energy. Reevaluate how your uncontrollable emotions are affecting your health and your loved ones.

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