Ace of Pentacles - Tarot Card Meaning

Upright: Abundance, Manifestation, Prosperity

Reversed: Money Mishaps, Reevaluation, Financial Hardship


Upright Meaning

Opportunities are abundantly available to you, especially in the material world. Manifestations are taking form in the financial realm, and you are planting the seeds for further growth. The Earth is fertile, bringing forth fresh energy, new assets, and good fortune. You’re rich, not just financially, but in your relationships, career, and family. You’re holistically wealthy! Keep on sending the good vibes out there to have them come back to you. Ideas are brewing with potential and possibilities for the future, and you are attracting resources for your new venture. Use common sense and practicality to expand your growth and make real-world impact. The Universe is supporting you on your expansion in the form of business and investments. Ask and you shall receive!

Reversed Meaning

Pay close attention to your finances—you may need that extra cushion that you’ve been saving up for! Manifesting may feel a little harder with financial setbacks, but don’t let that dismay you. This is just a sign to reevaluate your plan of what’s working and what’s not. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from a financial advisor or do some digging with your own money research. Weigh the pros and cons before you commit to payments you may not be able to afford. You may be consumed with climbing up the ladder and obsessing over money, at the expense of balancing the other areas in your life. Have a plan with financial goals you want to reach and create stability for yourself! It will set the foundation for the future of your new venture, even if it is just an idea right now.

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