Eight of Pentacles - Tarot Card Meaning

Upright: Hustle, Grit, Craftsmanship

Reversed: Self Judgment, Impatience, Perfectionism


Upright Meaning

Crafting your artistry takes passion, patience, and grit. Learning by doing is exactly what you’re up to right now. You’re completely focused on absorbing new skills and mastering your chosen craft. Hustle and commitment are what give you your edge, and you are dedicated to achieving the best job possible. Building a new skill or breadth of work is time-consuming, however, you know that it will be worth it in the end. Keep on chugging! Your patience, commitment, focus, and dedication are put to the test, but you are surely up for the challenge. Day by day you get better and better, knowing that your skills will build up over time. The more you apply yourself, the more rewarding it feels seeing where you started and how far you’ve come.

Reversed Meaning

Perfectionism is limiting you from your full capacity to create amazing work by obsessing over minor details. Frustration is building up after spending so much time and resources on a project with little reward. Your patience is wearing thin, and you are wondering if this endeavor is worth your efforts. Refocus on why you want to learn these new skills and how they would benefit your life in the long run. Release judgment around how fast and how good you are at picking up these new skills and avoid comparing yourself to others. Everything takes time! You are on your own unique path. Struggle is part of the journey and will be worth it when you apply yourself. Give yourself the freedom of trial and error and decide what works best for you.

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