Five of Swords - Tarot Card Meaning

Upright: Self-Interest, Conquest, Survival Mode

Reversed: Forgive & Forget, Amend, Conflict


Upright Meaning

What’s the point of winning when you have no one to share your successes with? Even though you may have won the argument, you are in danger of losing your relationships and reputation. Fully loaded in survival mode, you’ll do whatever it takes to smoke out the competition! You’re in a constant state of conquest and striving, no matter what the costs. This need to be right is inflating your ego, driven by a fear of losing control. Your ambition is to be admired, but also drives people away, with fear that you will eventually throw them under the bus. Achievements are met with resentment instead of the acknowledgement that you secretly desire. Ask yourself if you feel fulfilled by your wins and at what cost. Lose the battle, win the war!

Reversed Meaning

Conflict has got you all tangled up in tension, causing unnecessary stress and anxiety. Be ready to forgive and forget, so that you can leave the drama behind, once and for all. If this is proving to be a burden, remember to take care of yourself first. It’s okay to be selfish at times! Protect your magic so that you have more to give. Being full of yourself simply means owning your gifts. There is a need to prove yourself and that you are right. Don’t waste your energy trying to make people validate your opinions. All you need is a stamp of approval from yourself. Patterns of conflict may be following you, signifying unresolved issues from the past. Heal those core wounds by diving deep into your subconscious. Only then will you be able to fully move forward.

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