Four of Cups - Tarot Card Meaning

Upright: Distracted, Withdrawal, Rumination

Reversed: Stubborn, Self Absorption, Lost Opportunities


Upright Meaning

Although you are content in your life, you are feeling bored and restless. The rat race is wearing you down and the status quo no longer appeals to you. You are at odds with yourself. Do you listen to your deepest desires or do you stay stagnant but safe? The fear of the unknown is causing you to withdraw, getting away from distractions to find peace. This is the time to contemplate, meditate, and reflect on what your true desires are, and if you are living life to the fullest. The opportunities are there, oftentimes right in front of you! You may be too self-absorbed in your own problems to notice the possibilities that lie before you. Shift your perspective, open your eyes, and you will see that what you seek is much more accessible to you than you originally thought it was. You have options!

Reversed Meaning

Opportunities are right under your nose; however, you are completely unaware of them because you are absorbed in your own issues. Instead of being open to the possibilities, you are convinced there is only one way to solve your problems. Achieving your goals is great, but remember, it’s experiencing the journey along the way that makes the finish line so satisfying. Getting stuck on a negative train of thought is not constructive, particularly if you’re the only one on that ride. There is a difference between being alone and feeling lonely. Protecting yourself by withdrawing away from your relationships is keeping you isolated instead of keeping you safe. Open yourself up to new opportunities, places, and people. Saying yes can actually lead you to exactly where you need to go.

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