Four of Pentacles - Tarot Card Meaning

Upright: Control, Stability, Conservative

Reversed: Materialism, Selfish, Frugality


Upright Meaning

Lock and key—you’ve got your finances stashed away with double security. You are in complete control of what goes in and what goes out, dutifully standing guard at the door. Saving is a habit that you’ve mastered, and you’ve racked up enough in the bank to be financially stable and independent. You are in complete control and conservative about how you spend your money, valuing your possessions. Kudos to the discipline it took to get your finances in order; however, watch out for penny-pinching to the point where you don’t allow yourself to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Equating financial security with self-worth creates a dependency on stacking up the cash, no matter what the cost. Remember, you are inherently worthy no matter what your bank account says.

Reversed Meaning

Prioritizing self interest over everything else can easily turn into greed. Frugal spending for fear of losing it all has you clenching on tightly to your existing capital, with no room for error. You’re on a conquest to gain more, with the rationale that more stuff means more emotional and financial security. Material gains are not the answer to your problems. All work and no play blocks out any hopes for any real relationships. Make time for yourself! You deserve to enjoy your earnings from time to time. Don’t let money control you and your decisions. Know that no matter how much money you have and whatever amount of stuff you can buy, it will not be what ultimately fills you up. Look toward what makes you passionate AND makes money—now that’s a game changer.

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