Judgement - Tarot Card Meaning

Upright: Absolution, Evaluation, Reflection

Reversed: Doubts, Self-Judgment, Overcritical

Planet: Pluto


Upright Meaning

Prioritize reflection and self-evaluation, as you need time to regenerate. You’ve reached a checkpoint where you are ready to assess your life and release old wounds. Quiet contemplation can lead to an awakening that you are ready to change aspects of your life for the better. You’ll be able to recognize patterns in the past that may have served you then, but no longer serve you now. Authenticity has become important to you, and you want to live your life aligned with your inner spirit and your truest self. You’ve learned from the past and are ready to carry those lessons into the future with experience and wisdom. Trust your judgement. You’ll make your decisions based on a perfect blend of intuition and intellect, enhanced by your library of lessons learned from past experiences.

Reversed Meaning

Plagued with doubt, you are constantly replaying uncomfortable situations over and over again in your head. Release yourself from your insecurities and figure out what is really bothering you. Your schedule is packed to the brim, which leaves no time to reflect on the past to make beneficial changes toward your future. Allow yourself the space to ask your inner voice if what you are doing is feeding your soul. You may also be surrounded by a lot of strong opinions, and other people’s judgments might be weighing on you. People will always have their own opinions, but don’t be swayed by the crowd. Check in, take a moment to be still with your thoughts, and listen to what you really think amid the noise. The clarity of your inner voice will cut through all the noise when you give yourself some time.

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