King of Cups - Tarot Card Meaning

Upright: Equilibrium, Mindfulness, Humanity

Reversed: Emotional Abuse, Toxic, Low Spirits


Upright Meaning

Mindfulness is key to making an impact. The King of Cups is able to carry emotions with intention, aptitude, and wit, clearly scoring high on the emotional intelligence test. He is a master of emotions and is able to apply humanity in his thinking process and his interaction with others. The level of connection he has with people come easily, as he is able to relate to different personalities, making him an excellent communicator. The waters are calm, even when turbulence is present. He is able to weather the storms and handle hectic situations with finesse and grace. His gift for guidance can heavily influence people, and he enjoys helping others. The King of Cups is a reflection of you or a man in your life. He reminds you to incorporate compassion, whatever the circumstance may be.

Reversed Meaning

Signs of an emotional vampire: energy depletion, victimization, and constant complaining. Engulfed in his shadow self, the King of Cups Reversed is unable to rise above his tsunami of emotions and sucks you right into the center of destruction. Toxic emotions leak into every area of life with reactive behavior, manipulation, and distrust. Take responsibility for yourself and the emotional rollercoaster called your feelings. Reunite with the masculine and feminine aspects of yourself and listen to their guidance. Find your center, your place of calm, and regain balance over your life by taking charge over your emotional well-being. Personal responsibility includes taking care of your mental state, healthily processing your emotions, and providing much-needed self-care.

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