King of Pentacles - Tarot Card Meaning

Upright: Attainment, Prosperity, Abundance

Reversed: Arrogant, Egotistical, Close-Fisted


Upright Meaning

Large and in charge! Capital in all forms, the King of Pentacles is a sign of security, financial prosperity, and worldly gains. He’s your businessman with proven models, multiple ventures, and growing enterprises. His energy exudes ambition and confidence, rising with every turn of profit he’s ever made. He’s committed and responsible to living his best life, which includes security and financial success. He is a provider, his riches supplying holistic wealth. Opportunities are aplenty, if you are hardworking, open, and earnest. There is a richness in his vibration, which carries from his appearance to his spirituality. Seeking quality over quantity will raise your vibration around people, places, and things. Take pleasure in profit, and watch your wealth reach fulfilling heights!

Reversed Meaning

King of Pentacles Reversed signifies a man who is possessive over his finances and belongings. He often brags and is impressed with social status, with a desire to be among the 1%. He is an excessive spender, with little regard for the needs of others. This dilutes his stability and relationships. There is a limit to extravagance when it’s done with ego instead of generosity. His affluence comes with a superiority complex, believing the amount in his bank account defines his enormous self-worth. Selfish and entitled, his number one priority is making money, often comparing and judging others by their dollar signs. The King of Pentacles Reversed reminds you that your net worth is a cumulation of your wealth in relationships, spirit, and love. Money isn’t everything!

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