King of Swords - Tarot Card Meaning

Upright: Clarity, Mental Strength, Cerebral

Reversed: Mentally Abusive, Power Hungry, Manipulative


Upright Meaning

Power lies in the mind! Intellectual strength gives the King of Swords his edge, ruling with dignity and authority. His judgement is sound, based on objectivity to find the honest truth. He detaches himself from emotions and believes in solving problems using his intellect and fair objectivity. Thriving under structure and rules, the King of Swords is able to sort through systems and look back at history in order to find his answers. He asks you to accumulate your wealth of knowledge and detach yourself from your emotions. Research before making important decisions, carefully weighing all options with scrutiny. Experience has led the King of Swords to embrace rules and to lead with a conscious compass. In his kingdom, structure allows freedom to flourish.

Reversed Meaning

Cunning in charm, the King of Swords Reversed rules for his own selfish gains. He uses his intellectual powers to manipulate those who are not as mentally strong and persuade them with his wily wit. He tends to flaunt his intelligence, making himself feel superior to others. His highly critical words have the power to slice right through you, making you feel helpless in his presence. Challenge his authority, and you will surely pay the price. His way or the highway—you decide. The King of Swords Reversed can also indicate a lack of clarity, and indecision on what you want. Rationalize your thoughts and use your logic to help you make a decision to take action! By taking one step toward the goal, you are stepping into your own personal power.

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