Nine of Swords - Tarot Card Meaning

Upright: Anxiety, Worry, Distress

Reversed: Mindfulness, Conscious Choices, Thought Patterns


Upright Meaning

A living nightmare, your worst fears are coming true. You’ve managed to manifest your worries by constantly thinking about worst- case scenarios, creating anxiety and stress. Making a mountain out of a molehill perpetuates your despair and fuels your melancholy. Fear and doubt are paralyzing you from moving forward, with endless “what if” scenarios playing over and over in your head. You are frozen with the crippling fear and doubt that you’ve created, and beating yourself up is only making it worse. Transform yourself out of the darkness and leap out of the shadows! Become your own cheerleader and acknowledge yourself for all the good that you’ve been doing. Celebrate your wins and breathe in all the blessings. Ease your anxiety by remembering all is not lost!

Reversed Meaning

Conscious awareness of negative thought patterns has given you the superpower of managing your thoughts and emotions. Through your experiences, you’ve come to realize that everything will ultimately be okay. Anxiety will arise from time to time, and you will most certainly be faced with stressful situations, but now you have the tools to deal with them. It’s easy to let your thoughts run away from you, but not if it is causing you unnecessary anxiety and worry. Separating yourself from your thoughts is a healthy choice to make. Letting go of your ego’s need to control situations has given you freedom to let go and to just be as you are. Feeling the spectrum of emotions is normal and will happen. The difference is, now you have the tools to deal with them. You are prepared!

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