Nine of Wands - Tarot Card Meaning

Upright: Wisdom, Perseverance, Last Stretch

Reversed: Claustrophobic, Resentment, Tentative


Upright Meaning

Almost there! You can see the finish line, and at the last minute, you are faced with another obstacle. This challenge can be seen as a setback or a test of your character. Expect the worst and protect yourself against any foreseeable attacks. Better to be prepared than to be sorry later! Throughout this journey, you have accumulated experience and gained enough wisdom to handle anything that is thrown your way. You’ve gained tools to deal with your inner struggles and you now have the confidence in your abilities to overcome and persevere. Trust in your strength and power to make it to the end. Learn from your mistakes so that you can navigate setbacks easily in the future. Challenges are difficult, but believe in your abilities to make it through. You can do it!

Reversed Meaning

Drudgery from the past may leave you feeling paranoid that people are out to get you. This leaves you unwilling to make a long-term commitment, with fears of being trapped by responsibility. You have gotten this far on your own, but you are lacking the skills that will take you to the next level. Look for someone who has skills that will complement yours, whether it be a financial planner or a creative designer. Survival mode has you in a state where you think that you are under attack, when nothing dangerous is actually happening. These fears could also be protecting you from moving forward, preferring that you stay in your comfort zone. Make peace with your fears so that you can move forward toward your big dreams.

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