Princess of Cups - Tarot Card Meaning

Upright: Flow, Synchronicity, Mystic Messages

Reversed: Low tides, Immaturity, Emotional Instability


Upright Meaning

Subconscious messages swim through your conscious mind, receiving intuitive messages from within. The Princess of Cups brings you inspiration to create, to trust your insight, and to listen to your intuition. She asks you to be open-minded about new experiences, emotions, and how messages can take form. This news can be subtle or extreme, so trust your gut instincts on what it’s trying to tell you. Pay attention to synchronistic events and symbols in dreams, for it is your guide delivering you a message. Let your emotions come out to play with free rein. Vulnerability is your strength, so wear your open heart on your sleeve! Express yourself freely, as open and innocent as a curious child. Answers to questions may appear in surprising and playful ways.

Reversed Meaning

Running away will not solve your problems. Whatever the vice may be, it only provides temporary comfort that can prove damaging in the long run. Signs of emotional insecurity peek through when you demand too much from your loved ones and are unable to give in return. It’s easy to sink into low tides, but have faith that you have the ability to swim above the waves. Anchor yourself inside, ask your inner child what she needs, and get to your core issues. By tending to your little one, you can open up blockages you have in other areas like your creativity and relationships. Emotional instability and temper tantrums are sure to run high when you have unresolved issues. Learn to check in from time to time so that you don’t emotionally explode whenever you’re triggered.

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