Queen of Cups - Tarot Card Meaning

Upright: Intuition, Compassion, Open Heart

Reversed: Restriction, Delusion, Overemotional


Upright Meaning

Intuition comparable to the High Priestess, the Queen of Cups rules your intuition, compassion, and love. She is an emotionally stable woman who rules fairly from the heart. Empathic with healthy boundaries, the Queen of Cups asks you to show compassion and love to others, emotional well-being. The element of water flows strong but steady in her court, and also allows constant and effortless flow. Artistic endeavors express themselves with ease, reflecting your state of high creativity and imagination. Dreamer with psychic insights, the Queen of Cups heals past wounds with doses of tenderhearted kindness. Listen to your intuition and make your emotional needs a priority. Allowing self-expression is the greatest gift you could give to not only yourself, but also the Universe!

Reversed Meaning

A lack of spiritual fulfillment has left you craving deeper meaning and connection. Bottled up emotions are in danger of bursting, leaving you constantly frustrated and overwhelmed. Feelings may be considered weakness in your upbringing, and as a result, you can feel uncomfortable with being vulnerable. Living in a fantasy has you glassy- eyed with unrealistic expectations. Mood swings and manipulative behavior keep you at a safe distance where the Queen of Cups Reversed can rule with a ravage of rage and melancholy. Other people’s emotions feed off of you to where you begin to take them on as your own. Create healthy boundaries and learn to listen to what you are truly feeling, not projections. Protect your magic! You are the queen of your emotions.

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