Six of Pentacles - Tarot Card Meaning

Upright: Giving & Receiving, Flow, Prosperity

Reversed: Greed, Taken Advantage Of, Debt


Upright Meaning

Giving and receiving are in divine balance, creating a harmonious flow. Generosity fills your soul, as you realize sharing your wealth with others is much more fulfilling than keeping it for yourself. You may feel inclined to donate to charity, give back to your community, or loan money to a loved one, trusting that you have more than enough to give. Investing in another person or organization is also investing in your beliefs, and the future you want to live in. Giving doesn’t just pertain to money, though! You could also give your talents and time, which are equally appreciated. On the other end of the spectrum, you may be the one receiving financial support or another’s gifts! It is all connected, and good karma is coming back to you. Embrace the prosperity flowing in your life with grace and ease.

Reversed Meaning

Be wary of being taken advantage of with your finances. You may be a giving person in nature, however, not everyone will return the favor. Track your finances and make sure your balance is able to support your lifestyle, as you have a tendency to spend money that you do not have. Greed is surrounding you, and those involved only care about their own gain. Definitely take caution about where you spend or lend your money because you may not get it back. This could also pertain to a relationship where you’re constantly giving and the other person is constantly taking, or vice versa, creating an imbalance in your partnership. Learn to put your needs above all else and take ownership over your finances. You can’t give to others what you do not have.

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