Six of Wands - Tarot Card Meaning

Upright: Victory, Validation, Acknowledgment

Reversed: Low Spirits, Apprehensive, Rebuild Reputation


Upright Meaning

Killin’ the game with absolutely no shame! You are on fire, and there is no stopping you. People are taking notice of your success and acknowledging you for your talents. Despite all the challenges, you have managed to persevere through it all and come out on top. This is the validation you need to keep on going and to trust that you are on the right path. On top of the world, this skyrockets your confidence driven by the positivity and support around you. The praise, rewards, and recognition are only the beginning of your success. Remember to take a moment and look back to where you once were and where you are now. Perspective will keep you grounded from all the newborn attention. Be proud of yourself! You deserve this success and so much more.

Reversed Meaning

Constant striving with nothing to show for your hard work has left you wondering if all this time and effort is worth it. You may be feeling taken for granted for your endeavors since you haven’t received the acknowledgement and validation that you need to keep going. Doubt mounts higher with your alternating stress levels and you are experiencing resistance with your current path. Public shame is causing you to retreat, as you have not been able to live up to expectations. Follow your instincts on where to go next. Rebuild yourself and reestablish your reputation as the expert that you know you are. Success requires perspiration, so make sure your fire is fueled by desires that are true to your values and what you want to bring into this world.

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