Ten of Cups - Tarot Card Meaning

Upright: Wholeness, Connection, Full Circle

Reversed: Broken Family, Disjointed, Blocked Intimacy


Upright Meaning

You’ve come full circle and are feeling emotionally fulfilled, especially with your relationships and family. The bonds that you share are warm and harmonious, creating a strong foundation. The inner peace you have overflows with clarity and grace, reaching beyond depths, through cells in your body to your soul. Time is in your favor, holding space for you to fully express yourself in relationships. Revel in this beautiful moment—it is here where you can appreciate the connection between your friendships and the relationship you have with yourself. You are very much aligned with your personal values, creating an alluring strength and resilience. Enjoy time with your loved ones, knowing that the wholeness you experience with them reflects the wholeness you’ve created for yourself.

Reversed Meaning

Picture-perfect is within your reach, but slightly outside your grasp. You are experiencing an emotional block that is holding you back from obtaining your ideal relationships. Quarrels and arguments with your family and friends are stopping you from enjoying the time you have with loved ones. Be the example and restore the peace. Treat others with the love and care that you want to be treated with, and they will eventually follow suit. This can also speak to your own values and if you’re staying true to your beliefs. Balance is currently not a priority, and as a by-product, you are neglecting your relationships in the process. This can leave you feeling alone in your pursuits, even if that is not the case. Align yourself with your truth, reconnect with yourself, and the rest will fall into place.

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