The Chariot - Tarot Card Meaning

Upright: Victory, Willpower, Inner Drive

Reversed: Directionless, Off-Course, Roaming

Planet: Cancer


Upright Meaning

Vroom! You’ve got your hands on the steering wheel and you are ready to go! You are laser- focused on your goals, and your willpower is driving you straight towards your destination. The road may have a few bumps along the way but—with your determination, confidence, and inner drive—you’ll get through it, safe and sound. The challenges that you bump up against on your journey will ultimately make you stronger. Maintain focus, and you will reach your destination with roaring success! Enjoy each stop along the path while it lasts because it’ll make the end goal feel so much more worth it. Remember to run your own race and to ignore the haters. We all have different talents to offer and if you keep focused on yours, you will win the race with style and finesse. Keep your eye on the prize.

Reversed Meaning

Time to get in the driver’s seat! Life is running you over with way too much drama that you can barely keep up with. You may be feeling like you have lost control over certain aspects of your life. Take the steering wheel and chart a new course on the map. Make a decision on where the destination is, and don’t get discouraged when you hit some road blocks along the way. Make a move and gain back control! Watch your road rage, as you will regret it later. Evaluate where to best channel your energy to make lasting changes and what might be a dead end. Give yourself a sense of direction by choosing to live a life with purpose. Forcing outcomes can be disappointing and will not ultimately satisfy your needs. Practice the act of allowing, and things will naturally unfold.

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