The Empress - Tarot Card Meaning

Upright: Goddess, Femininity, Mother Earth

Reversed: Dependence, Attachment, Fruitless

Planet: Venus


Upright Meaning

Ruled by Venus, the Empress is a card of love, creativity, and fertility. It celebrates the beauty in life and encourages you to get inspired by taking time for yourself. Connect with your feminine energy and dive deep into pleasurable activities. In short, go enjoy yourself! The Empress implores you to explore your surroundings, express your creativity, and plant the seeds for a fulfilling crop of life. Give respect to Mother Earth, the source of which will ground you but also allow you to reach into your higher consciousness for inspiration. The Empress is a nurturing soul who cares deeply about the people around her. Take after her loving vibes and support the people who are in your life. Remember to also nourish yourself, the greatest gift you can give unto others.

Reversed Meaning

There is a lack of harmony in your life as you try to juggle everything to maintain balance. Stretching yourself way too thin and placing others’ needs before your own is causing unnecessary stress. Getting back to sync means aligning yourself back to your own desires. Fill yourself up so that you have enough to give to others without depleting your resources. Lack of energy and creative blocks leave you feeling uninspired and monotonous. On the other hand, you may also be taking on the role of an overbearing mother who is too protective or demanding over her relationships. Under or overripe, the fruit is not ready for picking. Replenish yourself, and you will be able to find your center! Ground yourself back to the loving energy of Mother Earth with compassion.

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