The Fool - Tarot Card Meaning

The Fool - Tarot Card Meaning

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Upright: Free Spirit, Purity, Beginnings

Reversed: Foolish, Careless, Naive

Element: Air

Planet: Uranus

Numerology: 0

Zero symbolizes both nothing and the potential for everything. When you pull a card associated with zero, it means that there is something new brewing on the horizon. You have the opportunity to timeline hop and create an entirely new reality for yourself, if you so choose. Think of zero like a portal – to where and what is all up to you. Freedom from limitations and material restraints go hand in hand with zero. Explore the possibilities of "what if" when you see zero appear.


The traditional Rider Waite depiction of the Fool card features a lavishly dressed man walking willfully toward the edge of a cliff. With a dog, bundle of items, and a rose, the Fool symbolizes untapped potential and freedom. In the Mystic Monday’s deck, the Fool card is depicted as a young woman whimsically moving toward the first step of their next big adventure. Wearing a sheer dress and holding a flower, there is a feeling of wild abandon that comes with the newness of life, free from disillusionment. Though the figure stands on the edge of a crystalline cliff, the sky’s are clear and the waves below appear deep but calm. The energy of this card brings up the archetype of an enthusiastic beginner who believes all that is necessary to succeed is the belief in oneself. This card reminds us to stay present as we navigate life, holding onto the intuitive knowing that we are always guided.

Upright Meanings

General Upright Meaning

Bearing the number 0, the Fool card symbolizes new beginnings and limitless potential. The Fool represent pure spontaneous energy and exudes curiosity and enthusiasm. Adaptable and ready for adventure, this card speaks to the daring part of your psyche that is craving recognition. You are ready to take the next step of your journey and are filled with an exuberance that bodes well for new creative endeavors or experiences. You may be at a point where you’re learning to release control and expectations, favoring instead the joy of unadultered experiences. With a carefree attitude, this is a time to discover yourself in new ways and explore your options. Trust your gut, listen to your heart, and believe in yourself. Once you let go. The Universe will support you on this exciting new journey.

The Fool in Career Upright Meaning

Are you making a new, bold move? This is your sign to set aside your trepidations and follow your heart. Do your research and investigate the foundational information you need to move forward, but trust that you don't need to have every detail figured out before you act. Sometimes the key to success is being willing to stand out, innovate, and do things differently. Tune into the opportunities that surround you right now and give yourself permission to dream big. Fresh ideas and invigorating energy are on your side.

The Fool in Finances Upright Meaning

Your finances may receive an unexpected boost. The Fool card encourages us to expect the unexpected and move through life with a carefree attitude that embodies the idea you already have all you need. Sometimes the biggest breakthroughs happen when we stop pushing and allow the universe to provide what we need. Take moment to reflect on all the abundance that surrounds you. Turn your focus to gratitude and get ready to make some major leaps.

The Fool in Love Upright Meaning

What is your heart yearning for right now? New relationships or flings may be on the horizon as the Fool card inspires you to indulge in the fun of romance. Open yourself to taking risks and having new experiences. You're being called to grow and expand your relationship to love, pleasure, and relationships. This is the beginning of a journey for you so the road may be new and uncharted. Take stock of your fears and concerns but don't let them cloud your choices. Channel the boldness of the Fool card and step forward with courage and abandon – remember, you are always free to follow your desires.

The Fool in Health Upright Meaning

The Fool card symbolizes your connection to yourself – authentic and unencumbered. This might be a good time to check in with yourself. Are you making choices that are aligned with your inner truth? It may feel risky to follow your gut but the Fool inspires you to tap into your vitality by stepping out of the box. Associated with new beginnings, this could mean a fresh gust of energy coming your way. Try something new in your self-care routine, have the conversation you've been sitting on, the Fool encourages you to be bold and set yourself first.


Reversed Meanings

General Reversed Meaning

The Fool may be telling you there is some more work that needs to be done. Maybe you have dreamed up a brilliant new vision for your life or a new project but you’re not quite ready to dive in. Take time to sit with the areas of discomfort that may be coming up and rather than blazing forward with reckless abandon, take some extra time to double-check your work. Is what you’re creating sustainable or are you so focused on instant gratification you are ignoring the needs of your future self. Your enthusiasm is admirable but you may be prone to being taken advantage of if you don’t keep your wits about you. Spend time reflecting on how you can balance your wants and practical needs so you can move forward with ease and peace of mind.

The Fool in Career Reversed Meaning

Something may be constraining you in your work environment right now. The Fool card is here to show you that while comfort may feel preferable, it may be clouding your access to growth. Take note of where you may be feeling frustrated or limited with your current circumstances as this may provide clues for what is next. You may feel pressure to act in an impulsive way right now but taking time to investigate the root of your feelings rather than rashly acting them out. Spend some time daydreaming and reflecting on your dream job or career. Pay attention to the clues or opportunities that present you with new possibilities. Just remember to do your homework before jumping in.

The Fool in Finances Reversed Meaning

Exciting opportunities may be on your horizon but the reversed Fool card asks you to proceed with caution. Doing your due diligence and investigating the potential outcomes and personalities surrounding this opportunity would be wise. It may be a good time to also consider if big spending has roots in an emotional need that needs to be met. Have you done your homework before making a big purchase or taking a risk? Sometimes things that look perfect on paper are not what they seem so it is important to listen to your intuition.

The Fool in Love Reversed Meaning

Your optimism in the love department is noble but it requires a bit of grounding. When it comes to new relationships or love connections, remember to take your time to investigate your true feelings before getting swept up. Your intuition will guide you if you allow yourself to listen to it – though, the message may not be what you want to hear. The Fool can indicate a lack of commitment or a brush with recklessness in love but that doesn't mean you need to put walls around your heart. Consider what you need, from yourself and a potential partner, and ask if this situation is living up to that at this moment. Take the time and space you need to get clear.

The Fool in Health Reversed Meaning

It's a good time to be extra mindful if you pull the Fool card reversed. While the Fool is associated with positive well-being, when reversed it could mean your attention is needed. Take some time to do a little body scan or set a timer to check in with your breath. Staying present in the moment will help to balance out the fool-hardy nature this card brings in. It's a good team to make a routine and stick to it – make sure you're getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, and eating nourishing meals. You may be slightly more accident-prone right now, but a little mindfulness will make all the difference.


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