The Hanged Woman - Tarot Card Meaning

Upright: Sacrifice, Patience, Suspension

Reversed: Avoidance, Sacrifice, Delay

Planet: Neptune


Upright Meaning

Suspended in time when all is up in the air, this is a stage where you feel stuck between the momentum of the future and the speculation of the past. Delays and indecision are to be expected, and it is in your best interest to prolong any decision making. Think outside of yourself, and try your best to see the big picture. This inconspicuous small moment could bring big impact. Feeling stuck with nowhere to go is temporary. Constant activity keeps the ego busy, but by practicing patience you are allowing other opportunities to unfold for you. Give yourself permission to receive! Delay instant gratification and put in the time and effort so that you can see your big vision come to life. Ask yourself what tiny thing you can give up now to get to the end goal. Sacrifice small pleasures to invest in your long-term success.

Reversed Meaning

Putting a lot of effort and energy into a situation or person is wearing you down, especially when you are not seeing the return. Stop sacrificing your time and values to please other people! If you’re putting off a decision to avoid confrontation or responsibility, it may come back to haunt you. The time will come when you will finally have to speak your truth. Feeling stuck and unfulfilled is increasing your awareness of what you do want. This suspension in time is actually a blessing in disguise! Meditate on your issues so that you can gain much-needed clarity before making any moves. Utilize patience, sit still, and realize your life is bigger than this one moment. There are always other options, and they will reveal themselves to you as you keep going toward your path.

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