The Magician - Tarot Card Meaning

Upright: Inventive, Manifestation, True Potential

Reversed: Trickery, Manipulation, Untapped Potential

Planet: Mercury


Upright Meaning

You’ve got the spark! Creation is the name of the game, whether you pour your energy into a new life cycle or creative project. This is a time of pulling in all your resources to manifest your desires. Your toolbox is complete with anything you could ever need, and if it isn’t, the right tools will appear exactly when you need them! You are resourceful and constantly find innovative solutions to problems, with grace and ease. The Universe has your back and will provide you with the power to manifest your desires in the external world. Infinite opportunities are available as you continue to flow. Be clear about your intentions and use them to fuel purposeful action. The more specific you are, the more you magnetize your creative energy and manifest magic. Claim your power!

Reversed Meaning

Reversed, the Magician can indicate frustration and lack of clarity. You may feel that you have so much more to give, but that your talents are not being seen, valued, or appreciated. This would be a good time to ask, “what is blocking me, and what can I do to change my current circumstances?” Something is hindering you from expressing the full range of your skills and keeping you locked up in a box, when all you want to do is be free and flourish! Beware of people and situations that do not have your best interests at heart. Your vulnerability makes you a prime target for manipulation and may be unintentionally attracting some shady folk. Use your resources to get yourself out of trouble. Protect yourself and don’t fall into their traps—or be tripped up by your own.

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