The Star - Tarot Card Meaning

Upright: Healing, Inspiration, Serenity

Reversed: Uninspired, In the Dark, Adrift

Planet: Aquarius


Upright Meaning

The Universe has your back! This is a period of healing, inspiration, and serenity. You can trust in yourself and forces beyond you, lending a helping hand whenever you need it. You’ve done the work, healed old wounds, and are ready to step into the spotlight to show off your many talents. Let your freak flag fly! Others are drawn to your authenticity, creative spirit, and individuality. Once you have accepted yourself for exactly who you are, you’ve opened the door to allow others to see how special you are. What makes you different is also what makes you stand out. Simply put, you are flawless. Look to the North Star and let it guide you toward your highest good. Your stardust is infectious and others will be inspired by your spirit. The world is ready for your transformation into the star that you always knew you were.

Reversed Meaning

The clouds have covered the night sky and you’ve lost sight of the North Star that has been guiding you on this journey. You’re trying to find your way out of the darkness and feel discouraged by the lack of light. There is a distrust of the Universe as you are faced with tribulations and setbacks. You were feeling inspired and now feel overwhelmed by the tasks at hand. Instead of excitement, you are filled with the drudgery of managing your ideas. It’s not quite as glamorous as you may have pictured. This is a test of faith to see how far you are willing to go to overcome and to see your vision through. If you are willing to put in the work, you will come out of this a much stronger person than when you started. Persevere through the darkness and you will eventually see the light.

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