The World - Tarot Card Meaning

Upright: Completion, Achievement, Unity

Reversed: Final Stretch, Impediment, Hindrance

Planet: Saturn


Upright Meaning

Finito! A long-term goal has been reached, and you can now sit back and relax. All of
the pieces have come together, and you have
finally found your place in the world. Celebrate—this is a huge win! Take pleasure and look back at all the progress that you have made from when you first started. Feel proud? Well, you should! It’s amazing how much we can achieve when we put our minds to it. There is an acceptance of yourself and others that creates wholeness and unity. You’re realizing that you are part of something much larger than yourself and are able to see the big picture much more clearly. With endings come new beginnings. The World could also literally mean that you will be traveling and will experience a new world wherever you decide to adventure. The world is your oyster!

Reversed Meaning

So close, the finish line is just within your reach! The World Reversed indicates that there is a delay in reaching your goals, and you need to take highly concentrated action to make it happen. It’s easy to lose hope, and you may be feeling discouraged since your goals are taking longer to reach than you expected. It’s easy to take shortcuts, however that could lead to unforeseen repercussions. Nonetheless, you are in the final stretch, so don’t give up now! The World can give you the green light to finish up, but it can also mean you need to tie up some loose ends. There may also be a lack of closure, holding onto past relationships and memories. Notice where the World falls in your spread to receive confirmation on how to reach this closure that you seek.

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