Three of Cups - Tarot Card Meaning

Upright: Celebration, Squad Goals, Community

Reversed: Conformity, Affair, People Pleasing


Upright Meaning

Every day’s a party! Your social life is roaring with festivities spent with quality friends and family. Birthdays, weddings, happy hour—all amazing opportunities to hang with your squad. You’re feeling deeply connected to your community, savoring the moments spent together. Harmony flows through your commitments and relationships, creating balance between work and play. The Three of Cups is also about groups of people coming together to work for a common cause. If you’re feeling stressed, remember to take some time to relax with your loved ones. Rely on your lady friends to get you through the tough times. Let loose! Nothing is too big or too small to celebrate, especially when you’re in good company. Cheers to the love and good fortune in your life!

Reversed Meaning

Fitting in to please the crowd is prioritizing others’ needs before your own. The group you are hanging out with can be close-minded and judgmental. You will have to ask yourself if you’re willing to sacrifice your needs to fit in or to go with the flow. If this group isn’t for you, there will be another group that is willing to accept you just as you are! Let go of your people-pleasing habits. The “work hard, play hard” mindset could leave you feeling empty rather than full. Romantically, this could reveal that you are the third in a relationship and dealing with an unfaithful partner. Remember the saying, “Three’s a crowd.” There may not be enough room for you to fully spread out and take space in this relationship. You are your first priority and deserve to take up all the space you need.

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