Three of Pentacles - Tarot Card Meaning

Upright: Teamwork, Collaboration, Synergy

Reversed: Challenge, Power Struggle, Competition


Upright Meaning

Teamwork makes the dream work! The seeds of your ideas are taking root as you make the moves to grow and expand. Collaboration with like-minded souls is a must for inspired success. Everyone offers their different skills to the table, which makes the project even better. There is synergy among all of you, together working toward your common goal of creating amazing and meaningful work. Build a team with those who have talents that would complement yours, for example, like finding an analytical person to partner with an artistic person. The yin and yang of your combined strengths and weaknesses will allow learning and growth from each other to create a trinity effect. As the Beatles said, “I get by with a little help from my friends.”

Reversed Meaning

Competition and power struggles create rifts in your professional work environments. The competitive energy is draining time and energy away from working together, and is instead spent on throwing your colleague under the bus or defending yourself against any attacks. You’re struggling to be seen and heard by your peers, who would much rather vividly express their own opinions than listen to yours. The lack of teamwork and respect is not allowing you to grow in this environment, causing frustration and building resentment. The tension continues to grow as issues continue to be unresolved. Think of what an ideal working environment would look like for you so that you can draw it forward. You cannot create a symphony without any harmony.

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