Two of Cups - Tarot Card Meaning

Upright: Partnership, Complementary, Duality

Reversed: Break Up, Clash, Disconnected


Upright Meaning

When two become one, this is the beginning of a partnership full of synchronicity and balance. You play off each other’s strength and weaknesses and are able to create a complementary relationship that is open and supportive. Opposites attract, making you both stronger when you work together. Trust and mutual respect have been built over time between the two of you as you both communicate your commitment to one another. This may apply to a partnership in business, love, or friendship. Either way, you’re feeling each other’s vibes, which leads to a filling and satisfying relationship. This can also speak to the relationship that you have with yourself. We all possess a duality inside of us, and the Two of Cups asks you to treat yourself with the love and compassion that you seek in a partner.

Reversed Meaning

Unable to hash out conflicts, you are struggling to uphold your relationships right now. You and your partner are having trouble seeing eye to eye and it is causing a rift between you two, creating an awkward and constrained energy. Instead of blaming the other person, look into whether you have unresolved patterns from the past that are replaying in this current scenario. Regardless, whether it’s you or the other person, there is a lack of emotional connection and trust. This uneven footing could be the end of a partnership, where you two may take separate paths and go your own way. Not all relationships are meant to last forever and have a place and a time in your life. Instead of feeling bitter, appreciate what the relationship gave you and how you grew from this experience.

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