Mystic Mondays Calculators

Our Mystic calculators are designed to give you more insight and guidance for your daily lives! 🔮

Tarot Birth Card Calculator

Tarot birth cards are determined by your date of birth through two to three Major Arcana cards that outlines your core identity and approach to life.

Moon Phase Calculator

The moon phase you were born under can offer a glimpse to your psyche, reflecting your emotional world and how you portray that in your reality.

Zodiac Birth Stone Calculator

Associated with each Zodiac horoscope sign, your gemstone can offer you healing powers, amplifying your natural strengths and also protection from evil.

Birth Flower Calculator

Birth flowers can indicate certain characters or qualities that you have, often bringing luck and protection during that month and are known to bloom during that season.

Numerology Calculator

Numerology is the spiritual belief that everything connects through numbers, giving you insight and guidance to understand your life’s purpose.

Chinese Zodiac Calculator

Following the lunisolar calendar,  the Chinese Zodiac is determined by year and indicates different personality traits represented within each animal and element.