Hierophant Pin


△ Conventional, Institution, Tradition

Stay woke! The Hierophant calls on you to honor the traditions in your life. Whether large or small, honoring rituals can help you feel grounded. At this time, you are drawn towards joining a group, community, or organization that has certain rules you’d have to follow. By joining these groups, you will broaden your scope and expand your knowledge. Strength in numbers allows you to feel a sense of acceptance, unity, and identity. Look to your lineage of ancestors or religion to shine light on the wisdom of the past. The Hierophant guides you on your spiritual journey through unity in community, rituals with rules, and structure in societies. Be prepared to absorb as much information as you can! Higher learning leads to a better understanding of your higher self.




1 in.

Soft Enamel, Iron


Full Color

  • Polished Enamel with Glossy Finish

  • Rubber Clutch Backing




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