Lovers Pin


△ Love, Alignment, Choices

Love is in the air! A strong bond between two lovers is flourishing, and it can feel like utter perfection. There is passion, desire, and mutual attraction, and this can often reflect marriage, a soulmate connection, or a super-close intimate relationship. Mind, body, and soul are intertwined, completing each other to feel whole. Besides partners, this could also mean that you are aligning yourself much more closely with your core values. Choices will be presented to you, testing your assessment of what feels best for you. Stay true to yourself, even if outside noise may say otherwise. Only you know what your true desires are, and only you can make those decisions to be honest with yourself. Your intentions will point you to the path to your heart’s deepest desires.




1 in.

Soft Enamel, Iron


Full Color

  • Polished Enamel with Glossy Finish

  • Rubber Clutch Backing




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