Eight of Swords Print


△ Limitation, Confinement, Restriction

Completely tunnel-visioned in, you are unable to see different perspectives with multiple blind spots. Trapped in your mind, you think there is no way out and can’t seem to devise an escape plan. However, take a look around and notice that the chains around your arms have been loose this entire time. This is a self- inflicted prison, and you have all the tools necessary to break out. Opportunities are aplenty, if you choose to see them. Basically, you have choices. Limited thinking leads to even narrower pathways in your prison of limitation. Needing permission from some- one else other than yourself is giving away your power. Take back what is yours! The only permission you need is from yourself. Change your perspective to open up and allow the infinite possibilities to flow in.





11x17 in, 9x12 in

80lb Gloss Cover



  • Full Color Print

  • Signed by artist & author Grace Duong

  • Ships in a poster tube

Made in USA


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