Princess of Pentacles Print


△ Thirst for Knowledge, Grounded, Practical

Make your dreams a reality! You have a clear vision in mind and are now setting plans in action to make it happen. You are open to further education to expand your knowledge. This includes learning new practical skills that you can directly apply to your life. You have a thirst for learning, fueling your entrepreneur- ial spirit with curiosity and wonder. This is a time to collect resources, build assets, and pursue real-world goals. It’s easy to get lost in your dreams, but the Princess of Pentacles asks you to remain grounded in order to apply your creativity for use in the real world. By reframing work as play, you allow yourself to approach learning as a new adventure. Move forward with reason and practicality, and set your sights forward to expand. Realize your potential by allowing yourself to grow.





11x17 in, 9x12 in

80lb Gloss Cover



  • Full Color Print

  • Signed by artist & author Grace Duong

  • Ships in a poster tube

Made in USA