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Birth Month Flowers –
What is my Birth Flower?

Written and illustrated by Grace Duong

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Throughout time, flowers have carried significant meaning that could evoke emotions and devotion like gifts of love, renewal, and ritual. Flowers have developed their own language and can provide guidance and meaning for your own journey and how you can apply this symbolism in your life.

Every month has a birth flower, often times, having two! Like gemstones, zodiac signs, and other mystic modalities, flowers has its own symbolism and is often associated within each season that those flowers naturally bloom. Flowers are a significant symbol of the birth of a new cycle and the beginning of new life within its season. Many flowers have cultural and religious associations from ancient civilizations that still applies today to our modern day times.

Today, we use flowers as a way to mark special occassions like weddings, birthdays, special holidays like Mother’s Day, funerals, and more. Flowers are a way to show love, appreciation, and sentimentality. We also use flowers to brighten up a space and indicate freshness, new life, and the bloom of love and appreciation. You can also use flowers in your rituals, as a way to honor your ancestors, guides, and spiritual team. There are many creative ways to use the symbology of flowers as well, like in crafts, jewelry, tattoos, greeting cards, flower crowns – the possibilities are endless!

The birth flowers are guides to how you can use the language of flowers in your life, however, notice which flowers you are drawn to as there could be more meaning to uncover for yourself. You could find that you are drawn to specific flowers at different times in your life. The plant allies are here to support you no matter what. Use the language of flowers as inspiration and a way to express your beautiful self!

January – Carnation

Rooted in your faith in others, your willingness to stand by those you love through thick and thin embodies Carnations’ association with loyalty. You are able to clearly articulate your appreciation for the indelible qualities that set them apart. Prizing distinction, you seek opportunities that allow you to stand out from the rest of the pack.At times you may appear to act capriciously and, in some cases, such abrupt decisions or changes in mood may lead you to feel regret. Remember to slow down from time to time, truly honoring your unique abilities that both define and uplift your spirit.

Other January Flowers: Snowdrop

February – Violet

Like the Violet’s beautiful heart-shaped leaves, you are in possession of an open heart. Your modesty, empathy, and spiritual insights make you capable of protecting those around you, especially when they are facing physical or emotional ailments.  It is important that you channel some of this love-infused energy toward forms of self-care and nurturing your personal growth. You are more attuned to the universe than those around you, and the intuitions that you gather as an empath and mystic have the power to revolutionize your world if you give them the attention that they deserve.

Other February Flowers: Primrose

March – Daffodil

Your bright beauty and ambition make you stand out from those around you. Among your friends and family, you’re the first to try new things, which aligns with the Daffodil’s association with new beginnings. In Chinese culture, daffodils are associated with wealth and fortune. While your friends might struggle to stick to their budgets, you possess a knack for managing your finances. Like daffodils, which are the first to bloom after the winter’s frosts end, you are also highly resilient. You possess the creativity and growth mindset to inspire those around you to seek out more.

Other March Flowers: Jonquil

April – Daisy

Just as the two flowers that make up a Daisy are tightly interwoven, your lips are sealed. Your friends know that you will hold anything they share with you in confidence close, frequently placing you in the role of a confidante. It’s through this role that you play your part in creating harmony among your inner circle. Just because you can keep a secret doesn’t mean that you take yourself too seriously! You’re also highly playful with a child-like innocence that makes you the first to get out on the dance floor or crack a joke at a party.

Other April Flowers: Sweet Pea

May – Lily of the Valley

You are the best version of yourself when surrounded by your squad and growing in an untamed manner, like the Lily of the Valley sprouting up together in clonal colonies. Your empathy enables you to successfully navigate difficult situations with a delicate touch and kindness that is a rare quality. You know that everything in the universe creates an equal and opposite reaction, and your confidence that you’ll reap the benefits of your efforts spurs your exceptionally strong work ethic. Just as the Lily of the Valley’s alluring scent belies its poisonous nature, beneath your sweet exterior contains the strength and spice needed to defend yourself when under attack.

Other May Flowers: Hawthorn

June – Rose

Like those born in the month of June, the Rose is an enigmatic flower that sprouts in a variety of colors, each with its own traits. Despite this, Roses share several core components in common, including their association with desire and passion. This can manifest itself as a propulsive energy directed toward a romantic relationship or as a go-getter attitude focused on manifesting your dreams and creating a life full of beauty and balance. As an old soul, you share a timelessness with the Rose. This flower reminds you to give yourself the love, honor, and devotion that you do others.

Other June Flowers: Honeysuckle

July – Larkspur

While you may initially appear quiet and unassuming among a crowd, those that are close to you will quickly learn that there is more than meets the eye. With Larkspur, you have a unique ability to attract new opportunities, be they romantic or work-related, that leaves your companions delightfully surprised. Your humble attitude and desire to celebrate others’ big accomplishments and smaller wins with equal gusto keeps you in their good graces. This, coupled with your openness to experiencing new emotions, gives you an ability to express the difficult, transmuting old wounds into new life.

Other July Flowers: Water Lily

August – Gladiolus

Like the gladiolus, which was named after the Latin word for sword “gladius,” your quick wit and intelligence makes you capable of piercing  others’ hearts and logic in equal measure. Gladioli are low-maintenance, which bodes well with your go-with-the-flow attitude. When you channel this energy toward negotiating in business and bettering your relationships, you embody the valor, moral integrity, and strength of the Roman gladiators as they entered the arena. So long as you’re sure not to inadvertently hurt others as you protect yourself, your strength can propel you and those around you forward.

Other August Flowers: Poppy

September – Aster

Equally as enchanting as the Aster, your patience and charm make you a sought after companion. When burnt, the aster’s odor has been thought to ward off snakes and other evils. You can discern others’ characters even through brief interactions and protect yourself from negative influences. This flower is capable of enduring long periods of drought. Similarly, your foresight and ability to see the light at the end of the tunnel generates what is necessary to sustain your efforts to thrive in the present. You also share an ability to let go with the Aster, whose seeds are known to disperse by the wind.

Other September Flowers: Morning Glory, Forget Me Not

October – Marigold

The Marigold flower’s sunny color has led many to associate it with this life-giving source of light. Your vibrant positivity and exuberance leads others, especially those suffering with grief or depression to seek out your company. This flower also represents the ability to speak your truth in a clear and concise manner. You are equipped with the gift of an emotional vocabulary that others around you may not possess. This intelligence allows you to connect with others on a deeper level and to effectively work through conflicts of your own or mediate others’ disputes.

Other October Flowers: Cosmos

November – Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums (also referred to as “mums”) have a long history steeped in loyalty and devoted love. While different cultures have taken them to represent various traits, they are often seen as a symbol of longevity, sympathy, and respect. You want the best for others and do what you can to help them on their missions. Self-reflection also allows you to consistently find a silver lining.  This skill is closely tied with the fact that the chrysanthemum doesn’t bloom until fall and thus, does not have the luxury of a long period of tranquility before winter’s harsh conditions arrive.

Other November Flowers: Peony

December – Poinsettia

The Poinsettia gets its name from a 17th century U.S. ambassador to Mexico, as it is associated with a Mexican legend in which a handful of weeds transformed into the vibrant flower. These miraculous origins and bright red color perfectly fuel your strong belief that anything is possible! Additionally, the warmth and sense of cheer that you travel with is capable of shifting the energy in every room you enter, making even the dullest conversations suddenly come to life. If you embrace this unique way of carrying yourself throughout the world, you are sure to have many of your own stories to tell as you set forth on new adventures.

Other December Flowers: Narcissus, Holly

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