• "Grace gave me a reading when I was at a crossroads in my life. Her guidance helped me to make a lot of changes and moves that allowed me to evolve personal relationships. I highly recommend her services, also I’m obsessed with the Mystic Monday’s deck. It’s one of my favorites and I love the art. I use them in my personal tarot practice, too."
  • “Grace is an incredibly intuitive, thoughtful and insightful tarot guide. Her readings are not only accurate, but the depth of her knowledge and intuition are unmatched. She’s personally helped me unlock different modes of thinking, uncovering new perspectives and shedding old narratives”
  • In my very first reading with Grace, I felt welcomed, witnessed and held in a space where aligned messages easily flowed. Grace’s reading anchored me in the present moment. I appreciated this so much. A couple times, I felt a flutter in my heart and a few tears welled up. Her reading illuminated some tender places of growth and transformation for me...and sparked courage. I think the greatest gift from a reading with Grace, is the unexpected reverberations it’s had in my life themes...a month or two later. Like a drop in the cosmic fluid of life, it's rippling out. The reading and connection with Grace became something greater, rich, resourceful. It is an awareness I’m carrying along with me as I continue to trust my intuition and fully embrace this dynamic life journey as the luscious ever-changing destination. Much gratitude and aloha, Grace!
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  • Maren Oom Galarpe

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