It all started with a Tarot Deck...

Mystic Mondays was founded by artist and author Grace Duong. After receiving Tarot readings for many years, Grace felt like it was a form of therapy and wanted to debunk the myth of Tarot as "scary" or "intimidating". This brought Grace on her journey of creating her own signature cards with her vibrant outlook - instead of looking to the external world for answers, to access the wisdom within.

After launching a successful Kickstarter, Grace experienced damages to most of her stock, which led her to cold email ONE publisher. This propelled Mystic Mondays into the publishing industry where Mystic Mondays Tarot is now sold all over the world, and has expanded into the Crystal Grid Deck, and the upcoming Cosmic Creatures Deck.

Through Grace's vision, Mystic Mondays continues to expand into offering other magical products, both physical and digital, with intentions to seamlessly integrate modern modalities of spiritual wellness into one's busy lifestyle - providing meaning, purpose, and guidance.

Mystic Mondays Mission

To fill the void with vibrant magic, through modern metaphysics rooted in ancient wisdom.


🪄 Magic
💡 Innovation
🌈 Vibrant
🛸 Transcendence
🧘‍♀️ Intention