Death Pin

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Death Pin

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Change, Ending, Rebirth

No, you are not going to die—that’s just a common misconception of the Death card. Death indicates an end of an aspect of your life, which can range from a job to a rela- tionship. Death must occur in order for you to have a new beginning, shifting you forward into a transition period of rebirth and renewal. The cycle of death is quite natural, and can be seen in nature transforming throughout the different seasons. Like nature, you are also going through a transformation that will be of great significance. Change is coming, sweeping the past to the side so that you can embrace the opportunities of the future. Clear the clutter and let go of what is not serving you in order to make room for new life. When one door closes, another one opens. There is no life without death.




1 in.

Soft Enamel, Iron


Full Color

  • Polished Enamel with Glossy Finish

  • Rubber Clutch Backing




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