Mystic Mondays Intuitive Tarot Course


The 8 Week Curriculum

This course is designed to give you an extensive overview to take you from novice to intuitive tarot reader

  •  Week 1 - Introduction to Tarot, including best practices and rituals for a strong foundation

  • Week 2 - Major Arcana Pt. 1 - The Fool to The Wheel of Fortune

  • Week 3 - Major Arcana Pt. 2 - Justice to the World

  • Week 4 - Suits: Cups and exploring emotions

  • Week 5 - Suits: Pentacles and exploring materiality

  • Week 6 - Suits: Swords and exploring mental pursuits

  • Week 7 - Suits: Wands and exploring passion

  • Week 8 - Suits: Court Cards and exploring personalities within tarot

  • this is subject to change


Special Bonuses

Every week you will receive a guided meditation to 
ground yourself in the course material, in-depth worksheets, weekly Q&A with the founder of Mystic Mondays Grace Duong, video / audio lessons, & more!


The course will be launching on September 7, 2020

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