Two of Pentacles Print


△ Balance, Prioritization, Daily Affairs

Busy bee! Your lively lifestyle is keeping you active, buzzing from one place to the next. With the Two of Pentacles, you have a vision in mind, and now it is a matter of taking daily action in order to implement it. You can see the big picture, but don’t forget about the individual brushstrokes it took to create this entire painting. Details are equally import- ant, if not more so. Create structure so that you are able to focus on the important tasks at hand to build your long-term vision. There is freedom in boundaries. The infinity sign symbolizes the unlimited amount of time, flow, and change at your disposal. You are faced with conflicting interests and must prioritize what is more important in this moment in time. Like Aristotle says, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”





11x17 in, 9x12 in

80lb Gloss Cover



  • Full Color Print

  • Signed by artist & author Grace Duong

  • Ships in a poster tube

Made in USA