Wheel of Fortune Print


△ Change, Fate, Karma

Change is coming, whether you like it or not! Fate has stepped in and is now calling the shots, moving you into a critical, new phase of your life. You may be feeling like things are outside of your control, and they are. You can choose to complain or you can choose to adapt. There is comfort in uncertainty, even if the unknown feels intimidating. Everything happens for a reason, so have faith that these changes are happening for your highest good. Life is full of cycles, and it’s impossible to have the good times without the bad times. Contrast is not only neces- sary but inevitable. Just because events feel like they are outside of your control, doesn’t mean you have to take a back seat. Remain active and avoid complacency. Trust that this is exactly where you need to be right now.





11x17 in, 9x12 in

80lb Gloss Cover



  • Full Color Print

  • Signed by artist & author Grace Duong

  • Ships in a poster tube

Made in USA