The Empress and The Hanged Woman
Tarot Birth Card Meanings

Written and illustrated by Grace Duong

Your Tarot birth cards reveal maps to your soul and your cosmic blueprint. Based on your birth date, these cards carry messages that can give you greater self-awareness to rise to your full potential and to face challenges with your special gifts.

Tarot birth cards are created from the numbers in your birthday and are drawn from the Major Arcana cards. These cards reveal the overarching themes of your life and the potential to fulfill your purpose. They can also point to your strengths and weaknesses, guiding you during times of opportunities and challenges. Like your astrological signs, tarot birth cards are constant, and its themes can apply to your entire lifetime.

The Empress and The Hanged Woman represent themes of shifting perspective, listening to the cycles of the body, and surrender. If this pairing is your Tarot birth cards, these themes will be available for you to learn, grown, and expand upon throughout your entire lifetime!

Your path is all about shifting perspective, listening to the cycles of the body, and surrender ✨

How to Interpret The Empress and The Hanged Woman

The Empress represents the divine feminine and activates traits like receptivity, acceptance, and connection. The Empress embodies fertility, often giving birth in a literal and figurative sense. This could be the birth of new life in the form of creativity and babies alike. This creative flow represents the vitality needed within by connecting to our bodies and allowing ourselves to receive the sweetness that life has to offer.

The Hanged Woman depicts a figure who is traditionally upside down, showing a moment of slowing down, whether it’s their choice. or not! The Hanged Woman gives a new perspective when going within to find the answers. It is also about letting go of control and surrendering to the moment, which can be uncomfortable at first! Through this process, the road to freedom is lit up by diving deeper into personal enlightenment.

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The Empress Upright Keywords
Goddess, Femininity, Mother Earth

The Hanged Woman Upright Keywords
Sacrifice, Patience, Suspension

Understanding Different Perspectives, Being Present, Introspection

Martyr Complex, Overthinking, Believing you are on unequal footing

Minor Arcana: Three’s (3’s)
Three of Cups
Three of Pentacles
Three of Swords
Three of Wands


Blessings of The Empress and The Hanged Woman Tarot Birth Cards

Like the Tarot, duality is present within the cards. Each Tarot birth cards pairing bestows blessings and presents potential blockages. First, let’s go over the blessings:

1. Understanding Different Perspectives

With the influence of The Empress and The Hanged Woman, there is a natural empathy for understanding other people’s perspectives. You’re able to put yourself in other people’s shoes and understand their point of view. This gives you a great ability for comradery and instilling harmony in your relationships. At the core of understanding is a love for humanity and that there are more similarities than differences. 

2. Being Present

Being upside down is an uncomfortable position when sustained for a long time as depicted in The Hanged Woman card, however, there is an ease being suspended in time. This indicates taking the necessary time for contemplation, self-reflection, and using these insights for your greater growth. This is also about surrendering into the moment for there are treasures there if you allow yourself to notice them.

3. Introspection

One of your gifts is tuning in to your internal world. Self-reflection is a natural activity for you to understand yourself more deeply, and in turn understand your fellow humans by connecting to others. Having patience to develop your internal world and the relationship with yourself can be the biggest gift you can give yourself. The shifts in time from introspection to extroversion can eventually lead you to share this internal wisdom with others.

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Blockages of The Empress and The Hanged Woman Tarot Birth Cards

With blessings also comes blockages that can present itself on your journey. Here’s some potential challenges to look out for:

1. Martyr Complex

With a tendency to give, the Empress exudes generosity. However with the Hanged Woman present, there can also be a need to self-sacrifice, often at your own expense. Connection is a top value and you prioritize that over all else, however the lesson is to connect with your needs first so that you are not giving to the point of depletion. Receptivity is a gift from this tarot card pairing, and balancing your ability to give as well as receive will allow you to be present in your relationships in a way that honors your true self.

2. Overthinking

Sometimes we can get stuck in the same thoughts, thinking them over and over again, which can stop us from taking action. The trick is to connect back with your body and feel what would be the right next move for you. With the Hanged Woman upside down, it can be a comfort zone to be in an anxious state, and to recognize when you are falling into habits that are comfortable but immobilizing. If your moments of contemplation are not aligned with the intention of peace, that is a sign you are repeating a state of anxiety. Recognize the difference between the two.

3. Believing you are on unequal footing

There can be a belief that you are not on the same page or have the same advantages that other people have. You could view this as a detriment to your own skill and that the Universe dealt you the wrong hand. However, because of the challenges you’ve had to face, you’ve developed strengths that allow you to face hardship that others do not have. This unequal footing could also give you compassion to understand other’s plights with a desire to help raise collective consciousness.

Guidance for The Empress and The Hanged Woman Tarot Birth Cards

The Empress and The Hanged Woman ask you to recognize your internal states, especially if you are looking to make a decision. Notice how you are feeling and connect back with your body when needed as sometimes it can be a comfortable spot to rely on your mental instincts. When stuck in these moments, open yourself up to view multiple perspectives so you can challenge yourself to come to your own truth. Do not be afraid to question your thoughts! Trust your instincts and connect to nature when necessary to get back into a state of equilibrium.

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