The High Priestess and Judgement
Tarot Birth Card Meanings

Written and illustrated by Grace Duong

Your Tarot birth cards reveal maps to your soul and your cosmic blueprint. Based on your birth date, these cards carry messages that can give you greater self-awareness to rise to your full potential and to face challenges with your special gifts.

Tarot birth cards are created from the numbers in your birthday and are drawn from the Major Arcana cards. These cards reveal the overarching themes of your life and the potential to fulfill your purpose. They can also point to your strengths and weaknesses, guiding you during times of opportunities and challenges. Like your astrological signs, tarot birth cards are constant, and its themes can apply to your entire lifetime.

The High Priestess and Judgement represent themes of awakening your intuition, trusting the Universe to guide you, and answering a higher calling. If this pairing is your Tarot birth cards, these themes will be available for you to learn, grown, and expand upon throughout your entire lifetime!

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How to Interpret The High Priestess and Judgement

The High Priestess is a figure that sits infront of the veil, protecting divine secrets between the realms. With the High Priestess as one of your Tarot birth cards, you are given access should you ask for it and can find that you know the answers intuitively even if you don’t know how you know logically. There can be moments of questioning if your intuition is giving you the right answers, so learning to trust yourself and develop your intuitive skills is a must. 

Judgement is about awakening and answering a higher calling. Often we do this by reflecting on different chapters of our lives, taking forward with us what has worked and leaving behind what can stay in the past. The Judgement card is about stepping into the light and showing the world your gifts, often formed through deep introspection and life experiences. Judgement is also about stepping into your life purpose.

Together, The High Priestess and Judgement Tarot birth cards invite you into trusting the synchronicities of life to lead you to your higher purpose.

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The High Priestess Upright Keywords
Intuition, Serenity, Divine Goddess

Judgement Upright Keywords
Absolution, Evaluation, Reflection

Synchronicities, Purpose, Transformation

Ungrounded, Seeking Validation, Overprotective

Minor Arcana: Two’s (2’s)
Two of Cups
Two of Pentacles
Two of Swords
Two of Wands

Blessings of The High Priestess and Judgement Tarot Birth Cards

Like the Tarot, duality is present within the cards. Each Tarot birth cards pairing encompasses blessings and challenges. First, let’s go over the blessings:

1. Synchronicities

The High Priestess card gives you an enhanced intuition, giving you access to information that is not as accessible to others. However, just because you have access to this intuition, doesn’t mean you always listen to it. Part of your gift is being able to translate these messages so others can understand, which means you would also need to understand the language of synchronicities. Pay attention to the signs and what these symbols mean.

2. Purpose

With the influence of Judgement, purpose is of high importance, especially stepping into your own purpose. Part of your purpose could also involve helping others step into their purpose and embrace their higher calling. By listening to your intuition, you may find a sense of purpose even in the little things, allowing yourself to make choices that are in alignment with your purpose. 

3. Transformation

Growth involves transformation, and with the influence of the High Priestess as well as Judgement, transformation is indicated on an internal and external level. Whatever significant changes you find inside can be reflected on the outside. You could also help facilitate transformation for others, providing guidance, mentorship, and healing to those that seek your counsel.

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Blockages of The High Priestess and Judgement Tarot Birth Cards

With blessings also comes blockages that can present itself on your journey. Here’s some potential challenges to look out for:

1. Ungrounded

With a strong intuitive connection, it could feel safer to stay in the spiritual realm rather than the physical realm, becoming ungrounded in the process. However, being present in the Earthly realm while connecting to spirit is how you manifest your desires. Learning to balance how you walk between these realities and grounding yourself in your body can help translate these divine experiences into your everyday life.

2. Seeking Validation

With these Tarot birth cards, you can have trouble listening to your intuition and seeking the guidance of others to the point of valuing others opinions over your own. The lesson is to learn the power of your authority and trusting the wisdom that you have within yourself. Everytime you encounter self-doubt, look at this as a challenge to trust your intuition even more. You have a choice of which inner voice to listen to learn to trust the inner voice that is guiding you with your highest good. in mind.

3. Overprotective

With such powerful insight from the High Priestess card, you may become guarded with the information you hold. While it’s good to be discerning, this shielding can also prevent good things to come your way and your ability to receive them. It is wise to keep secrets to yourself, but it doesn’t mean you have to shut everything out. The influence of Judgement is that you’ll be lending your intuitive gifts in a public manner. Find the balance of what belongs in your private life and what can be shared in your public life. 

Guidance for the High Priestess and Judgement Tarot Birth Cards

Balance is key when accessing your channels of intuition and relating that information to the physical world. Trusting yourself for when it’s time to withdraw and for when it’s time to share with others will be an ebb and flow as you find the balance between the two. Define your boundaries of what you are willing to divulge and what you’d prefer to keep private. You choose what you’d like to keep sacred for your inner journey and how you can use your intuitive gifts to help others access their inner world. 

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