The High Priestess and Justice
Tarot Birth Card Meanings

Written and illustrated by Grace Duong

Your Tarot birth cards reveal maps to your soul and your cosmic blueprint. Based on your birth date, these cards carry messages that can give you greater self-awareness to rise to your full potential and to face challenges with your special gifts.

Tarot birth cards are created from the numbers in your birthday and are drawn from the Major Arcana cards. These cards reveal the overarching themes of your life and the potential to fulfill your purpose. They can also point to your strengths and weaknesses, guiding you during times of opportunities and challenges. Like your astrological signs, tarot birth cards are constant, and its themes can apply to your entire lifetime.

The High Priestess and Justice represent themes of balance, universal knowledge, and objectivity. If this pairing is your Tarot birth cards, these themes will be available for you to learn, grown, and expand upon throughout your entire lifetime!

Your path is all about balance, universal knowledge, and objectivity ✨

How to Interpret The High Priestess and Justice

The High Priestess is a figure that sits infront of the veil, protecting divine secrets between the realms. With the High Priestess as one of your Tarot birth cards, you are given access should you ask for it and can find that you know the answers intuitively even if you don’t know how you know logically. There can be moments of questioning if your intuition is giving you the right answers, so learning to trust yourself and develop your intuitive skills is a must.

Justice approaches law with objectivity and rules with fairness. In the traditional Rider Waite deck, the High Priestess and Justice have visual simliarities, with a figure sitting between two pillars. Justice can represent the logical mind where the High Priestess can represent the intuitive mind. Laws are at play in both realms. 

Together, The High Priestess and Justice Tarot birth cards invite you to tap into universal knowledge by balancing intuition and objectivity.

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The High Priestess Upright Keywords
Intuition, Serenity, Divine Goddess

Justice Upright Keywords
Law, Objective, Fair

Fairness, Using Intuition with Logic, Pursuing Truth

Black and White Thinking, Indifference, Insecurity

Minor Arcana: Two’s (2’s)
Two of Cups
Two of Pentacles
Two of Swords
Two of Wands

Blessings of The High Priestess and Justice Tarot Birth Cards

Like the Tarot, duality is present within the cards. Each Tarot birth cards pairing encompasses blessings and challenges. First, let’s go over the blessings:

1. Fairness

The spiritual and physical dimensions both operate on laws. With this produces rules to follow on how to maintain spaces that create harmony for the wellbeing of all involved. With the influence of the High Priestess and Judgement, you value equality and treat everyone by the same rules. Fairness means being able to look past physical circumstances to see the true essence of one’s soul and intention. It is a practice of using unbiased moral judgement and treating everyone with respect.

2. Using Intuition with Logic

Right brain and left brain thinking are in balance when you’re able to use a combination of intuition and logic. You’re able to see situations objectively while also feeling into a higher truth. Using logic to evaluate based on evidence while using intuition can help you make decisions that lead you to the right opportunities. It can also allow you to evaluate situations with both your head and your heart.

3. Pursuing Truth

Sometimes we can dismiss our heart’s desires by following logic, rationalizing it with proof and what makes the most sense. However, following your intuition may not always make sense and is based on an inner knowing. Discerning what you should do by tuning in to your inner truth can set you off in the right path, but you must learn to trust that inner voice within. You have a natural ability to question everything in the pursuit of truth, even in the face of doubt.

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Blockages of The High Priestess and Justice Tarot Birth Cards

With blessings also comes blockages that can present itself on your journey. Here’s some potential challenges to look out for:

1. Black and White Thinking

When leaning too much in the logical mind with the Justice card, sometimes there is a need to always have the right answer. It can give you a rigid mindset where you are unable to consider other outcomes other than your own. Life can be colored with gray areas inbetween the black and white and to open yourself up to the possibilities of multiple outcomes. All or nothing thinking can cut you off from your path of the pursuite of knowledge. Open yourself up to the possibilities and be open to question your beliefs at all times.

2. Indifference

While the High Priestess and Justice prefer to live in the head space, sometimes you’ll need to come back down to Earth. You can find daily tasks frivolous and not want to deal with your current reality. You could also dismiss other people’s feelings when seeking the answers to your questions. Considering other people’s perspectives can help you understand commonalities between yourself and others as well as feel connected to your everyday reality.

3. Insecurity

A need to be right can point to some deeper seated issues of insecurity, indicating a fragile ego. Ask yourself if your pursuit of knowledge is to feel superior to others or if you are on a path of seeking the truth to help yourself and others. Letting go of control and leaning into your intuitive side can help you realize that multiple truths can exist at the same time. Balance your rational mind with intuition and recognize when knowledge is fulfilling a need to bolster oneself rather than seeking a higher truth.

Guidance for The High Priestess and Justice Tarot Birth Cards

The High Priestess and Justice encourages you to seek a higher truth, and often times from unexpected sources. This could mean learning from experience, diving deep into your inner world, in tandem with what you can learn through traditional instituitions like school and books. Question everything and open yourself up to multiple perspectives. Tune in to your inner world to see if these ideologies match how you feel internally, balancing right and left sides of the brain by giving them both time to recalibrate to each other.

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