The Magician and Wheel of Fortune
Tarot Birth Card Meanings

Written and illustrated by Grace Duong

Your Tarot birth cards reveal maps to your soul and your cosmic blueprint. Based on your birth date, these cards carry messages that can give you greater self-awareness to rise to your full potential and to face challenges with your special gifts.

Tarot birth cards are created from the numbers in your birthday and are drawn from the Major Arcana cards. These cards reveal the overarching themes of your life and the potential to fulfill your purpose. They can also point to your strengths and weaknesses, guiding you during times of opportunities and challenges. Like your astrological signs, tarot birth cards are constant, and its themes can apply to your entire lifetime.

The Magician and Wheel of Fortune represent themes of resourcefulness in the face of change, stepping into your full power, and coming to terms with your own timeline. If this pairing is your Tarot birth cards, these themes will be available for you to learn, grown, and expand upon throughout your entire lifetime!

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How to Interpret The Magician and Wheel of Fortune

The Magician is a master manifestor, using one’s inner imagination to channel something tangible in the physical reality. All of the four elements are present in this card, indicating that The Magician has the power to alchemize when the elements are used appropriately. The Magician is numbered 1 which indicates leadership, innovation, and a trailblazer. Because of this natural ability to manifest, The Magician wields great power, connecting spirit to this Earthly realm.

Wheel of Fortune indicates the shifts of time with the turning of the wheel. Fate is at play here, which can provide The Magician’s fortune and also downfall. The test of time is not a smooth ride but is a trial for The Magician to show us what they’re made of! This is an opportunity to triumph in the face of challenges and can showcase the fine line between balancing taking and surrendering control to manifest one’s true desires.

The Magician and Wheel of Fortune Tarot birth cards represent a constant shift in one’s identity to truly grasp one’s ultimate potential.

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The Magician Upright Keywords
Inventive, Manifestation, True Potential

Wheel of Fortune Upright Keywords
Change, Fate, Karma

Visionary, Adaptability, Cleverness

Superiority Complex, Blaming Self and Others, Fear of Change

Minor Arcana: Ace’s (1’s)
Ace of Cups
Ace of Pentacles
Ace of Swords
Ace of Wands

Blessings of The Magician and Wheel of Fortune Tarot Birth Cards

Like the Tarot, duality is present within the cards. Each Tarot birth cards pairing bestows blessings and presents potential blockages. First, let’s go over the blessings:

1. Visionary

The Magician is a card of resourcefulness, being able to manifest from the spiritual realm into the physical realm by using all the elements. This gives this pairing a natural Visionary with a skillset to lead and set a vision for others to believe in and follow. These grand ideas with divine timing presented by the Wheel of Fortune can only lead to great success over time.

2. Adaptability

Change is inevitable, especially with the Wheel of Fortune’s influence! Adaptability is a part of your nature and a special skill that you have. You’re able to roll with the punches and revel in novelty. Your flexibility to thrive in different environments lends you an attitude of taking risks in the name of fortune. This doesn’t always mean you win, but you’re willing to take chances on yourself, which means that endless opportunities are available to you. Go big or go home!

3. Cleverness

The Magician’s influence provides a mercurial wit and an ability to use their intelligence to their advantage. The Magician has the ability to inspire and through their natural skillset for communication, they’re able to communicate ideas that are clever, catchy, and impactful. 

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Blockages of The Magician and Wheel of Fortune Tarot Birth Cards

With blessings also comes blockages that can present itself on your journey. Here’s some potential challenges to look out for:

1. Superiority Complex

With the influence of the Magician, ego can come into play when unchecked. This could cause thinking that your ideas are better than others’ and shutting down people’s perspectives. You can’t carry out your vision without the help of those around you, so it would be wise to use your natural communication skills to bring out the best in others rather than shut them down. While you are naturally talented, this doesn’t mean your abilities are better than others. The lesson is to learn the inherent value that every human brings that can complement your skills too.

2. Blaming Self and Others

With grand visions can bring a lot of pressure, especially from the self! While the Magician’s influence can bring big dreams, it doesn’t always mean it brings accountability to make them happen. Part of the lessons is to learn how to take full responsibility without blaming yourself and others for blocking you from making it happen. This projection can be a distraction from insecurities happening within. Be kind to yourself and recognize your human capacity to take on your workload and extend that kindness to others.

3. Fear of Change

The influence of the Wheel of Fortune can bring sudden and unexpected changes. It can feel like a rollercoaster at times! The nature of this can bring fear of change and wanting things to be more consistent. The lesson presented here is being able to adapt to what life throws at you, which means staying centered within yourself no matter how the wheel of fate twists and turns.

Guidance for The Magician and Wheel of Fortune Tarot Birth Cards

The Magician and Wheel of Fortune brings mastering your fate on your own terms. Knowing the difference for when to take control and when to surrender will be key to reaching your full potential through the lessons of these Tarot birth cards. Following your curiosity can lead you hidden treasures that can give you even more insight on your path! Balancing independence and letting people into your world will be a huge lesson in the power of creating your visionary dreams.

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