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What are Zodiac Birth Stones?

Written and illustrated by Grace Duong

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You’ve probably heard of birthstones for every month, but did you know that there are birthstones for each zodiac season? These gemstones correlate with the energy of your zodiac sign, amplifying your power, energy, and vitality. These crystals complement your Western astrological sign with similar energetic properties that can be a beneficial amulet, charm, and decorative piece to bring good fortune and confidence to your everyday life.

Not only are there birthstones for your birth month and zodiac sign, but also the day of the week!

The History of Birthstones

Birthstones have been used as tokens of luck and fortune throughout many different ancient cultures in correlation to their calendar systems. This tradition can even go back to the Book of Exodus, where birthstones were represented on a breast plate adorned with twelve stones, representing the twelve tribes of Israel, believed to bring magical powers to the high priest that wore it, eventually becoming a tradition to wear an adorned birthstone. This became a tradition to eventually honor the birth months with the associated gemstones and their properties.


Aries March 21 – April 20 Bloodstone for strength and heightened self-esteem
Taurus April 21 – May 21 Sapphire for integrity and well-rounded perspective
Gemini May 22 – June 21 Agate for creativity and a strong, supportive foundation
Cancer June 22 – July 22 Emerald for newfound clarity to help you cultivate kindness and empathy
Leo July 23 – August 22 Onyx for an extra dose of self-mastery and strength
Virgo August 23 – September 23 Carnelian for passion and effectively expressing yourself
Libra September 24 – October 23 Chrysolite for happiness and embracing new opportunities
Scorpio October 24 – November 22 Beryl for a sense of security, affection, and empathy
Sagittarius November 23 – December 21 Topaz for good fortune and a sense of motivation
Capricorn December 22 – January 20 Ruby for exceptionally vibrant senses and an amplified, extra-bright world
Aquarius January 21 – February 19 Garnet for sharpened perceptions, heightened clarity and the ability to manifest your goals
Pisces February 20 – March 20 Amethyst for warding off stress and anxiety, surrounding you with a protective field of energy


Birthstones by Month

This tradition of using birthstones in culture can be seen in Hindy texts where specific gemstones are associated with different planets and days of the week. Certain crystals can also correlate with you personally, depending on your astrology natal birth chart.

In more recent times, by 1912 a list of gemstones was standardized in the United States based on the birth month by the Jewelers of America, chosen by tradition and the availability of the crystals. Some lists may have different birthstones, depending on what it has been updated.


January Garnet
February Amethyst
March Aquamarine
April Diamond
June Emerald
July Pearl
August Ruby
September Peridot
October Sapphire
Capricorn Opal
November Topaz
December Turquoise


Birthstones by Day of the Week

Birthstones also are associated with days of the week, so it could be insightful to look up the exact day you were born! This can hold even more information about your soul’s purpose and how you can utilize the ruling planet’s energy to your advantage. Each planetary ruler is connected to certain crystals that can give you that extra boost and amplify your special talents. 


Monday Moon Moonstone
Tuesday Mars Ruby
Wednesday Mercury Emerald
Thursday Jupiter Yellow Sapphire
Friday Venus Diamond
Saturday Saturn Blue Sapphire
Sunday Sun Citrine


How to Work with your Birthstones

Working with your birthstones could be traditionally seen as working with the gemstones that correlate with your Astrology Sun sign, however, if you want to draw on the properties of other signs in your chart to amplify its power, definitely do so! There is no one right way to work with birthstones and we all have these energies within us, coming out in different times in our lives when we need it. You can use your birthstones in rituals, to connect with certain planetary rulers when you want to call on their energy for fortitude, and most importantly, to connect with yourself on a deeper level.

Look to how you feel when working with certain crystals as it can also depend on what is going on in your life. You can see which attributes can best balance, support, and restore you in that moment to see which gemstone would work best with you in that moment.

That is to say, you do not need to stick with just one birthstone, although you may have a favorite. It is encouraged to have a rotating list of gemstones you like to work with as they carry different properties that can help guide you in your life.

A few ways to work with your favorite crystals is to wear them like jewelry, carry them for protection in your bag or pocket, use them as a decorative piece in your home, place them on your altar as an offering to your spiritual guides, and meditate with your favorite crystals to focus on bringing those properties into your life. As with any magical object, make sure to take good care of it,  maintaining its energetic vibration by cleansing it. Some ways to do that is by using sage, palo santo, and salt to renew the energy of the crystal. With crystals, it’s also important to set intentions with how you’d like to use the crystal and how it can support you in your life. Remember to be as clear as you can to gain the most clarity out of your intention!

Aries – Bloodstone

When you are in need of a boost, Bloodstone amplifies your strength and heightens your self-esteem. Positive energy fills you with the desire to take action, whether that be having an important conversation with your significant other or approaching a colleague about a new opportunity for collaboration. The resilience this stone offers allows you to hear and accept others’ boundaries without feeling personally attacked. The deep sense of safety that this stone cultivates deactivates your fight-or-flight mentality, amplifying your ability to empathize with others and successfully and selflessly find mutually beneficial compromises. The temperance you display builds trust with those around you and illustrates your great potential as a leader.

Taurus – Sapphire

Taurus, known for your commitment and discipline, coupled with Sapphire only increases your prized integrity, which differentiates you from all of the other Zodiac signs. Under its influence, nothing seems impossible and you are ready to reach for the stars. Even better, Sapphire’s grounding energy enables you to see both the big-picture and a detailed view of the steps along the path to achieving your goals. This well-rounded perspective fills you with a sense of peace, giving you more confidence to clearly articulate your vision to others, inspiring them to invest their time and energy in your passions.

Gemini – Agate

Any self-doubt and nagging negative thoughts are banished by Agate’s powerful influence. With an especially strong, supportive foundation underneath you, you are able to slow down and re-evaluate the life that you’ve built. Agate brings out your creativity, illuminating where you can improve your communication with others as well as highlighting ways you can seek a greater, more fulfilling work-life balance. You find yourself soaking up time in nature and are reminded time and time again of the beauty that exists in the world around you should you choose to see it. You are blossoming into exactly who you are meant to be.

sense of peace that enables you to more authentically show up for your romantic partners unconditionally. With Beryl, your purity of heart and loyalty shines through in your interactions, cultivating a shared sense of security, affection, and empathy between you and others.

Cancer – Emerald

As you reflect on your past, Emerald offers insight into your memories separate from any feelings of nostalgia or longing that you possess. This newfound clarity helps you cultivate kindness and empathy for yourself and others. You are increasingly aware of the lessons that the universe has taught you and are able to apply them in the present as you evaluate what is and isn’t true. You are able to hold onto the openness that leads others to seek out your company and guidance without falling prey to naivety. When coupled with your inner knowledge, your enhanced clairvoyance makes you an unstoppable force.

Leo – Onyx

You find yourself able to fully realize your inner strength and ability to let go of what no longer serves you as Onyx’s presence propels you forward. This stone gives you an extra dose of self-mastery and strength. Leo, it’s time to release any ghosts from your past that have been haunting your present, and you’re in possession of the self-control and determination to do so. You are able to gather energy from the universe and channel it into asserting yourself and making decisions that are healthy for your mind, body, and wallet. You’re banishing self-doubt and ushering in beautiful new beginnings.

Virgo – Carnelian

Warmth and light radiate from you as Carnelian helps you silence your inner critic and embrace your inner child. Who were you before you learned to play by the rules? You are more playful, spontaneous, and passionate than ever as you explore new ways to tap into your emotions and effectively express yourself. Carnelian’s energy enhances your desire to pursue your passions, pushing aside pragmatic considerations in favor of the unstoppable combination of your intuition and imagination. Even if others typically see you as a bit reserved, this gemstone brings out your bold, assertive side, inspiring you to unapologetically ask for what you want from others.

Libra – Chrysolite

Chrysolite reminds you that you are responsible for the quality of your life, Libra. Under the influence of this stone, you are motivated to take control of your own happiness, embracing new opportunities and seeking out the mental stimulation you desire. As your mind and body awaken to your current reality, you’re reminded of your self-worth. It’s as if you’ve just woken up from a nightmare where you were trapped in a deceptive labyrinth. Now, you’re ready to move forward, finding closure by offering your own forgiveness or simply cutting ties with those involved. You are capable of writing your own ending to this story.

Scorpio – Beryl

It’s time that you’re honest with yourself, and Beryl is a friend here to support as you ask the tough questions and try to view your life through a more objective lens. Once you’ve evaluated where you stand, you are able to reflect on your values and take action to ensure that your actions align with your core beliefs. This cultivates a sense of peace that enables you to more authentically show up for your romantic partners unconditionally. With Beryl, your purity of heart and loyalty shines through in your interactions, cultivating a shared sense of security, affection, and empathy between you and others.

Sagittarius – Topaz

Sagittarius, prepare yourself for an explosion of fiery energy when Topaz is near. This stone and the good fortune it’s known to bring make the ideal company as you set your intentions and begin manifesting what you want in the days, months, and years ahead. As you are overcome by a sense of motivation and a willingness to do whatever it takes to realize your dreams, make sure to proceed at a realistic pace. If you channel your drive effectively, you can avoid burnout. This is a marathon, not a sprint, and Topaz is your number one fan.

Capricorn – Ruby

Like Dorothy’s bright red shoes, Ruby reminds you that there’s no place like home, grounding you in your ultimate abode, your body. Capricorn, as you awaken to all of the minor miracles that allow you to wake up each morning, you are especially inspired to proceed through life as the best, most powerful version of yourself. Your senses are exceptionally vibrant, intensifying your interactions with the living things that surround you. Whether it’s stopping to smell the roses or taking the time to cook yourself a delicious meal, you are inspired to slow down. Relish your time in Ruby’s amplified, extra-bright world.

Aquarius – Garnet

Garnet activates your assertive energy, removing any inhibitions that may have held you back from sharing your heart’s desires. Under this stone’s influence, you are newly aware of your potential. Your perceptions are sharpened, linking your intellect and intuition, and heightening your clarity and ability to manifest your goals. Awakening your passion, Garnet inspires you to commit to love while still holding onto the traits that make you unique. In the wake of any problems that arise, you find yourself able to offer an ideal combination of empathetic warmth, deep understanding , along with analytical advice.

Pisces – Amethyst

Cleansing inside and out is Amethyst’s biggest strength. This stone wards off stress and anxiety, creating mental space that you can then devote to new endeavors. A shield, amethyst surrounds you with a protective field of energy. As if walking on air, you tread lightly with a calm, cool, and collected approach to life. As you begin to explore the depths of your heightened intuition, don’t be afraid to linger in more dreamy, meditative moments, as they possess a wealth of unexpected wisdom. Allow yourself to feel invigorated by the peace this stone offers, boldly stepping outside of your comfort zone in search of new experiences.

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